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Strategic Importance

The Island Presently Known as Sri Lanka

The island presently known as Sri Lanka is strategically located in the Indian Ocean in an enviable location between Suez Canal and the Malacca Strait by the busy East-West shipping lane that plies two-thirds of the world’s oil and half of all container shipments. The Tamils consider Trincomalee as their political capitol which has one of the deepest natural harbors in the world. Trincomalee was the home port of the Eastern Fleet of the British Royal Navy and Royal Air Force during World War II.


Chinese Dominance Strategic Location

Sri Lanka’s Alliance and Growing Presence by China in the Island

  • 43% of the newly reclaimed island is leased to China – Port City (2.6 Sq. KM) for 99-yrs
  • Newly built Hambantota Port on 99-yrs lease to China
  • These facilities can be used for military purposes by China
  • Sri Lanka became a pro Chinese state in 2009 due to China’s debt trap
  • China promise to protect Sri Lanka at the UNHRC / “Veto” at UN Security Council


By main Shipping Lanes between Suez Canal & Malacca Strait

  • 2/3 of World’s oil and 50% of Container shipping pass  through East-West Shipping Lanes
  • Home to one of the world’s deepest natural harbors in Trincomalee –Tamils’ Capitol
  • US presence/influence/a liance in the region is missing against China
  • Closest US base is Diego Garcia - >1000’s of miles away from continental mainland